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ZUSHI Japanese Restaurants

A pool of investors led by Paolo Colonna and Valeria Lattuada, together with DVRCAPITAL, acquired a majority stake in ZUSHI Japanese Restaurants. The entrepreneur and founder Cristiano Gaifa retains a significant stake and continues to lead the Group in his capacity as CEO.

Cristiano Gaifa founded ZUSHI in 2006, when he was thirty-four, out of his passion for Asia and in particular for Japanese cuisine. The first restaurant opened in the centre Verona, Cristiano Gaifa's hometown. In 10 years ZUSHI opened 21 restaurants in Northern and Central Italy, of which 10 are directly operated and 11 are in franchising. Since the very beginning, ZUSHI positioned itself as an innovative and trendy format, combining high-quality food and modern design. ZUSHI offers dine-in, take away, and delivery options, offering its clients the possibility to order online or through an app (one of the first movers to do so in 2006). DVRCAPITAL acted as advisor to the buyers and acquired a minority stake | March 2017



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